L’Association pour le Bien –être familial/Naissances désirables a lancée pour sa toute première fois une nouvelle application de télémédecine appelée « AFIABORA » depuis le 08 Septembre 2022, dans la salle Garamba , Immeuble du ministère intérieur.

Dans l’objectif de s’adapter à la nouvelle technologie et à la numérisation, l’ABEF-ND a opté des nouvelles initiatives pour offrir à tous les utilisateurs des réseaux sociaux d’être en contact même à distance avec les experts en matière de santé sexuelle et reproductive.

Dr. Gilbert MBIYA, Directeur exécutif explique clairement l’usage de l’application AFIABORA pour les jeunes connectés sur internet.

« Nous nous apportons sur cette application pour permettre aux jeunes et tous les utilisateurs de réseaux sociaux, à accéder à une information seine, à utiliser de manière efficiente le crédit internet qu’ils peuvent avoir, non seulement à l’information mais de pouvoir accéder à la santé sexuelle et reproductive »

Et ajoute, Dr. MBADU Mwanda Fidèle Directeur de PNSA

« L’objectif pour nous c’est en fait d’augmenter le pourcentage des adolescents et jeunes qui utilisent les services de santé des adolescents et jeunes. Et cette application est une des stratégies qui permet le nombre des services de santé des adolescents et jeunes »

En effet, l’application « AFIABORA » est une initiative de l’association pour le bienêtre familial/Naissances désirables, déjà en application et disponible sur Google chrome, pour faciliter    des échanges à distance sur la santé sexuelle et reproductive.

Dr Delphin Katchelewa
Coordonnateur communication ABEF-ND

Pour vos soins de santé en ligne, veuillez visiter www.afiabora.com

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    Control systems have repeatedly evolved over many years, and artificial intelligence
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    The benefit of this method will be the brain can learn equally what is considered “good” and what
    is “terrible” for your system, to achieve stated aims.
    Given that the real atmosphere has variabilities – much more than what are usually represented
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    Favicons lead to your branding initiatives and help website visitors immediately realize your
    site. When using a logomaker, you’ll automatically get a favicon file that will constantly have
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    In the last few years, these machine designs have started to outstrip human kinds.
    In 2018, Esteban Real and his colleagues at Google used NAS to crank out a neural network for graphic recognition that defeat the best human-designed networks for the time.

    That was a watch-opener.

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    WGU is definitely an accredited online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

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    “I have folks who will be at the exact same level
    as I am, who did full-time MBAs and have school debt, And that
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    In mild of the fact that readers can turn towards the entry
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    Control systems have consistently developed over many years, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are helping advance the
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    Consider a graduate business certification. A certification — provided by accredited colleges
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    If Clune is correct, using AI to make AI could be a significant phase within the road that
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    Clune calls the try and build definitely intelligent AI the most ambitious scientific quest
    in human history. Today, seven decades immediately after really serious attempts to make AI began, we’re still a long way from producing machines that
    are wherever near as smart as humans, Permit alone smarter.

    Are AIs generated by algorithms more difficult to audit for
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    You can find really many change even in 5 years. The first report is
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    I do think this comes from The actual fact that as AI tools have appear into the mainstream — both in higher
    stakes and everyday settings — we are appropriately much fewer willing to tolerate flaws,
    Specifically discriminatory ones.

    It’s this open-endedness, glimpsed during the evidently aimless sequence
    of challenges created by POET, that Clune and others imagine could lead on to new types of AI.
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    Even though companies are racing to roll out powerful
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    You don’t need to worry about being replaced by a robot, it’s smart to know which expertise will
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    Model predictive control (MPC) adds additional capabilities
    to this by layering predictions of future control
    action final results and controlling multiple correlated inputs and
    outputs. The latest evolution of control approaches is definitely
    the adoption of AI technologies to develop industrial
    controls. One of the latest advancements in this place will be the application of reinforcement learning-based controls, as Figure 1 shows.

    PPI (pixels for every inch) refers to how many pixels
    will seem in the single inch of any digital screen. PPI, also known as pixel density, is used to measure the clarity of illustrations or photos.
    The higher the PPI, the greater the detail will show up in the impression.

    Clune likes to remind people that intelligence has already emerged from simple beginnings.
    “What’s interesting about this approach is that we know it
    could possibly work,” he claims. “The very simple algorithm of Darwinian evolution generated your brain, and your brain would be the most intelligent learning algorithm
    in the universe that we know to this point.

    Due to the fact its founding in 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has
    long been a pioneer in accelerated computing. The company’s invention of
    your GPU in 1999 sparked the growth with the Computer gaming market, redefined computer graphics,
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    Consider a graduate business certification. A certification — provided by accredited colleges and universities
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    CERN launched a machine learning Levels of competition to
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    The objective of this challenge

    Discover and automate the manual tasks that impede staff efficiency,
    affect The client knowledge, and increase processing costs.

    News Chevron icon It indicates an expandable
    segment or menu, or sometimes preceding / next navigation choices.
    stocks These are generally the 10 best performing AI stocks
    thus far this year

    Books and materials are an extra away from pocket expense that is not really included in the
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    There’s in fact lots of change even in five years.

    The first report is relatively rosy. For example, it mentions how algorithmic risk assessments may possibly mitigate the human biases
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